I’m sorry but i’m supposed to believe that this girl here is A? hmm..how about no lol..look at Ali’s face in this moment..Ali has done a lot of things in the past and i agree, but for me, there’s no doubt in my mind that Ali loves the girls!! That’s right there is a amazing proof. The writers are doing EVERYTHING they can to make Ali look guilty and shady. And they always do this in a amazing way, hun? Like in S3 when Toby was A and in S4 when Ezra was A. In that time, everyone was calling Ezra a psycho, and in the end he was just writing a damn book. (Still not ok with this), but yeah. I know that a lot of people are thinking that they will do the same path as the book, but Marlene has said a thousand times already that they will don’t follow the twin history with Ali. She likes the surprise factor, and in the books, we already know what happens. I don’t think for a minute that Ali is A, or that she killed Mona. I think that the same person that tried to suffocate Ali in 5x06 is the same the killed Mona. Sasha said in a interview (by the time that 5x10-5x12 was filmed) that she was getting worried, and Marlene said to her: ‘Don’t worry. It’s not what you think’. It will be okay’. I will never forget these words.

Team Alison all the way!!